How to combat a sedentary lifestyle in lockdown

Lockdown is challenging in so many ways but it really has made me realise how important it is to keep active. We sit when we work, we sit when we drive a car, we sit when we get on public transport, we sit when we watch tv, the list goes on. I listened to a […]

Group Life Assurance – Registered vs Excepted

Group Life Assurance benefits will pay a lump sum benefit upon death of an insured employee. However, what many people overlook is that traditionally Group Life schemes are written under registered pension scheme legislation and as such, there are instances where an individual can invalidate their pension protection by joining such a scheme. The Lifetime […]

COVID 19 – Impact on Private Medical Insurance

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has caused real disruption to the Private Healthcare industry. Back in March/April there was concern that the NHS could be overwhelmed by the number of COVID-19 related hospital admissions. In order to prepare for the huge strain on health services, the government needed to maximise the number of beds that can […]

Five things HR professionals can do to maximise staff engagement with employee benefits

You’re satisfied with the employee benefits you have in place and are comfortable with the associated costs. But are you confident your employees fully understand the benefits which are available to them? If you have invested time and money into developing your benefits package, it is vital that you have an effective communication strategy in […]

The Impact of Presenteeism at Work

When employers think about employee wellbeing, they often think about employee sickness absence and how to manage and reduce this. However, research demonstrates that presenteeism is just as big a risk to businesses. What is presenteeism? Presenteeism is when employees come to work but experience decreased productivity and quality of work due to health problems. […]

Making the Most of Your Employee Assistance Program

Making the Most of Your Employee Assistance Program October saw World Mental Health Day which certainly helps raise awareness. Clearly, we should all be giving this subject thought on a regular basis and not wait for these annual reminders. One resource employers’ can rely on are Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). This invaluable support mechanism is […]

Group Income Protection – An important benefit for all age groups

You’d be forgiven for assuming that income protection is a benefit people need later in life when age-related illnesses and conditions become more common. However, this really is a benefit which should also be valued by younger members of your workforce. More and more people in their 30s are making claims for Income Protection benefits. […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health Misconceptions There has clearly been a focus on improving general awareness of mental health over the last few years. This has of course been a very positive step and whilst we have not completely eradicated the ‘stigma’, more and more people are talking about mental health these days. Paying specific attention to awareness […]

Usage of mental health support under Group Risk products should be higher

    Usage of mental health support under Group Risk products should be higher, says GRiD Claims for mental illness are nearly as prevalent as for cancer under employer-sponsored group income protection policies, but Group Risk Development (GRiD) suggests employers could make much better use of the mental health support that comes along with group risk […]