How employers can provide support Men’s Health

During the month of June Men’s Health Week has taken place, which gives us an opportunity to focus on the unique health challenges men face. Men’s Health Week encourages awareness, early detection, and treatment of health issues while promoting a well-rounded approach to wellness. Employers can play a crucial role by supporting the health and […]

Time to Talk Day 2024: Let’s Chat About Mental Health at Work

As we get ready to say goodbye to January, there’s something important coming up on the 1st February. ‘Time to Talk Day’ is a day dedicated to breaking the silence around mental health, and this year, individuals and organisations around the world will come together to encourage open conversations and promoting support networks. Now, let’s […]

Addressing Musculoskeletal Issues in Today’s Workplace

Musculoskeletal issues (MSK) have become a prevalent concern in the modern workplace, affecting employees across various industries. These issues encompass a range of conditions impacting the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. The evolving nature of work, with a growing emphasis on sedentary roles and technology-related tasks, has led to an increased incidence of MSK […]

Promoting Men’s Health at Work

Gents of all ages are wearing their moustaches with pride, which confirms Movember is in full swing!! This is recognised as Men’s Health Awareness Month and whilst I’m not partaking in growing a ‘Mo’ this year, it’s definitely a good time to address men’s health in the workplace. Employers can play a significant role in […]

The Evolution of the Digital GP

In the UK, accessing a General Practitioner (GP) has long been a challenging and time-consuming process. The National Health Service (NHS) has been a cornerstone of British healthcare for decades, but its struggle to meet the growing demand for primary care services has led to a crisis in GP accessibility. Long waiting times, difficulty securing […]

The strong link between financial anxiety and mental health

It is Mental Health Awareness week this week, with a specific focus on Anxiety. We all feel anxious at times, which is not surprising given the uncertain world we find ourselves living in. If it is not a global pandemic, or talk of world war 3, then it is the cost of living crisis. I […]

Neurodiversity – What does it mean?

The term neurodiversity refers to the way that everyone’s brains work differently. Most people are considered to be neurotypical but awareness of neurodiversity and the importance of supporting employees who are neurodivergent in the workplace is growing. Some examples of neurodiverse conditions are autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia but this list is not exhaustive and there […]

Employee Wellbeing – Don’t be in the 20%

Recent research1 carried out by Group Risk Development (GRiD) who are the industry body for the group risk sector suggests that 80% of employers have increased their health and wellbeing support or employee benefits to adapt to the changing circumstances of their staff. Since Covid, the importance of Wellbeing for employees has rapidly moved its […]

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