A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

A goal without a plan is just a wish We all dream, don’t we? Sometimes these dreams are good dreams, sometimes they are not so good. We tend to wake after a dream with thoughts on what has just happened, asking ourselves, what the hell does that mean and often, how can I make that […]

Pension Governance: Why it’s important

Pension Governance: Why it’s important Following the introduction in the Pensions Act 2008, of Automatic Enrolment, most employers have now staged and set up their Qualifying Workplace Pension scheme. There is a misconception that Auto Enrolment is finished, and it is back to business as usual. Unfortunately, its not that simple. The Pension Regulator (TPR) […]

Losing the Pension Pot?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released its annual survey of occupational pension schemes in June 2019 and this identified some interesting trends in relation to Workplace Pensions. One of the key statistics that instantly jumped out at me, was a surge in the number of dormant pensions in recent years. Since auto enrolment was […]

What’s that coming over the hill…

In February 2018 I wrote a blog ‘Pension Dashboard – Mind the Elephant in the Room’ when it seemed at the time like the dashboard would be only a heart beat away. To recap, the purpose of the dashboard was to allow the consumer to see the value of all pensions related to them in […]

How will Brexit affect my Pension?

It feels like Brexit has been going on far longer than the two and a half years since the original vote, but is something that we, as pension advisers, are talking about more than ever. Why? Because when we meet with individuals, many of them – both UK and EU Nationals – ask us the […]

The Pension Inspectors are coming!!

In a recent update published by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), they confirm that between April and June 2018 27,219 compliance notices were issued against employers for breaching automatic enrolment rules. Let that sink in for a moment…27,219 compliance notices in a 3-month period! A compliance notice is issued by TPR to set out the steps […]

Pension Dashboard – Mind the Elephant in the Room

First announced in the 2016 Budget, the Pensions Dashboard is the latest step in the government’s wider strategy to help people to engage with their pensions earlier rather than at retirement. The prototype was launched in Sept 2016 and after a busy period of close cross-industry collaboration, it is currently being demonstrated to Government, industry […]

Employee Benefit Benchmarking Report 2022

Exclusively focused on UK organisations with employee headcounts of up to 1000, the data and conclusions shared in this report are directly relevant to companies of this size and profile.