Wingate re-awarded Investors in People ‘Gold’

Wingate Benefit Solutions (along with our sister Chartered Financial Planning firm, Wingate Financial Planning) have once again been awarded gold accreditation against the Investors in People Standard, demonstrating a continued commitment to high performance through good people management. Investors in People is the international standard for people management, defining what it takes to lead, support […]

Claiming Pension Higher Rate Tax Relief

The following does NOT apply to Salary Sacrifice / Exchange or SMART  pension contributions Basic rate tax relief is automatically added to any personal pension contributions you make from your net pay at the point the contributions are invested into your pension account.  If you are a higher/additional rate taxpayer, you are entitled to claim additional […]

Auto Enrolment Update

It is frightening how time is flying by…… can you believe its almost Easter ?! It’s a similar story with Auto Enrolment. The Auto Enrolment Staging Dates for the thousands of employers with less than 50 employees are in full swing and in just over a year’s time the final category of employers, those that […]

Pension Factsheet – Q1 2016

 Contents Radical change to contribution tax relief limits for high earners Lifetime Allowance reduction 2016 Potential ‘flat rate’ pension contribution tax relief 1.  Radical change (reduction) to contribution tax relief limits for high earners You may be aware that in the Summer Budget the Chancellor announced changes to pensions that will affect higher earners. Contributions […]

Dealing with the interference of protection and employer-sponsored pension contributions

Many firms offer an employer contribution,  some require an employee to make a contribution of their own volition, but most do wish to pass on the monetary value of this pension contribution if an employee refuses to join the pension scheme. However, changes to pension legislation, and in particular the imminent reduction in tax efficient allowances, means that many […]

Pension Wise

It’s surprising that given the number of changes that have been made to UK pensions in the last 18 months, there are still so many people still do not know what Pension Wise is, who it’s for, or what it does. Pension Wise is the Government’s free, impartial retirement guidance service that’s open to everyone […]

Insurance Premium Tax……Time to act?

In a move that could increase the Treasury’s annual revenue by up to £1.75 billion, the Chancellor announced in the Summer Budget that the standard rate of UK Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will increase from 6% to 9.5% from 1st November 2015. IPT is a tax on general insurance premiums and there are two rates: […]

Health Cash Plans… the ‘VALUED’ employee benefit

Health Cash Plans have been around for decades but due to changes in the healthcare insurance marketplace but as Private Medical Insurance (PMI) premiums continue to increase far above inflation, Health Cash Plans are proving an ever more popular alternative. In the past they have been a much under-utilised healthcare product, with many employers not […]

Summer Budget: Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice arrangements could come under threat, as the Treasury has announced it will ‘actively monitor’ these schemes and the resultant tax lost to the exchequer. While there are no imminent plans to crack down on the salary sacrifice regime, Budget documents say that the arrangement will come under the Treasury’s microscope. Salary sacrifice allows […]

NEW 2024 Employee Benefit Benchmarking Report

Exclusively focused on UK organisations with employee headcounts of up to 1000, the data and conclusions shared in this report are directly relevant to companies of this size and profile.