Annual Member Engagement Invitation

We contact every member of the pension scheme to offer them our pension scheme member services.

Member Helpdesk

Unlimited access to our employee benefit help desk.

Goal Based Retirement planning reports

These reports are designed to provide a summary of an employees overall retirement provision and includes all the pension benefits and investment entitlements that you have accrued to date, not just your current employers scheme. The report will illustrate in annual income terms what your current pension benefits are projected to provide at the time you wish to retire and how this compares to the level of income you are targeting for your retirement. If there is a shortfall, the report will provide details on how this can be addressed.

Retirement Service

We offer personal advice to you as you approach your retirement.

Investment Services

We recommend and monitor three risk rated investment funds which are categorised as ‘cautious’, ‘moderate’ and ‘adventurous’. These funds automatically reduce their risk as employees approach their selected retirement date. We assess an employees attitude towards investment risk and then map them to the most suitable investment fund.

New Employee Information and Advice

We issue documents for new employees which provide information on the key features of the pension scheme, contribution options and if applicable, salary exchange.

Contact our dedicated advisers

Helen Pengelly
Strategic Employee Benefit Consultant

 01883 332260  Direct: 01883 332267

Mathew Rann
Strategic Employee Benefit Consultant

 01883 332260  Direct: 01883 332260

Richard Grover
Strategic Employee Benefit Consultant

 01883 332260  Direct: 01883 332268