Improving understanding

In our experience many employers rely on information provided during induction periods to educate employees on the benefits they provide. These may be supplemented with periodic communications but the onus is on the employee to read, and more crucially understand the information they receive. In reality, employees don’t always take the time to read the information they receive and if they do, this is rarely truly understood.
Wingate believe there is a responsibility to ensure benefits represent excellent value and deliver the best possible outcomes and to achieve this, employees must truly understand the benefits they receive and the value they provide.  Our service proposition is designed to achieve these goals.

Supporting employees

We encourage employees to contact us in order to help educate them on the benefits they are entitled to receive but also reduce the burden of enquiries on the employer’s HR and management teams.
We offer the following services to support employees:

  • Group benefit presentations or roadshows
  • One-page member guides for each benefit offered
  • “How to claim” guides for healthcare and protection schemes
  • Pension and financial education clinics
  • Webex presentations to groups or individuals
  • Individual consultations on pensions and the broader benefits

Enhancing perceived value

It is estimated that a typical company invests 12% of salary into benefits covering pensions, health and wellbeing. This significant investment is not always valued by employees which creates the risk that the employer’s objectives through offering benefits is not fully realised. In order to attract and retain talent, it is crucial that employees not only recognise the value that the benefits offer but also understand how these support them through their working life and into retirement.

We help employees consider their lifestyle needs, whether immediate or a long way off, as well as events that may not seem important right now. We use a variety of methods to help employees understand how the benefits can support these needs, making their benefits simple, suitable and essential. This could be how a generous employer pension contribution will help to achieve their retirement aspirations, or highlighting the availability of an Employee Assistance Programme when something doesn’t go to plan.

We communicate in a creative way and reflect each organisation’s core values to gain greater engagement to maximise the perceived value of the benefits package.

Our Approach

We work with you to understand your business objectives, design and implement benefits to support your vision

Step 1
Step 2
Scheme Design
Step 3
Employee Engagement
Step 4
Scheme Management
Step 5

Contact our dedicated advisers

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