Bringing the employee value proposition to life

We believe that satisfied people make excellent employees. A satisfied employee is likely to be more engaged, more productive, more loyal and less likely to leave.
By thinking from an employee’s perspective about how work fits into their life, employers can deliver a flexible benefit solution which delivers real value

“As well as the direct savings from reduced National Insurance Contributions and lower administration costs through offering flexible benefit schemes through an IT platform, more satisfied employees simply cost me less.”

Finance Director

Employee choice

We offer a comprehensive range of attractive and cost-effective benefit choices, exclusive retail discounts and practical employee support tools, all delivered and communicated through a single online platform.
A suite of benefits that simply make your employees’ lives better and will help define you as an employer of choice.
Fully supported by our experienced team, the modular design on our platform means you can start with as few or as many benefit options as you like, and change your solution as your requirements grow.

“A contented employee means lower absence and longer service, meaning I spend less on recruitment and training. They also help attract good talent. It makes perfect sense to address employees’ needs in this way.”

HR Director

Core solutions

  • The modular voluntary benefit package
  • Discounts on employees’ everyday lifestyle spend
  • Total reward statements
  • Internal communications and storage network
  • Information and guidance on money matters

“I appreciate any employer who tries to support me by helping my pay to work harder and by giving me access to facilities which help organise my life in return I will give them 100% back.”


Our Approach

We work with you to understand your business objectives, design and implement benefits to support your vision

Step 1
Step 2
Scheme Design
Step 3
Employee Engagement
Step 4
Scheme Management
Step 5

Contact our dedicated advisers

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Strategic Employee Benefit Consultant

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Strategic Employee Benefit Consultant

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Richard Grover
Strategic Employee Benefit Consultant

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