Group Protection - Pre-Renewal Questionnaire

Group Protection - Pre-Renewal Questionnaire

Group Protection - Pre - Renewal Questionnaire

1) Suitability of the Insured Benefits

2) Scheme Structure (GLA Only)

Group Life assurance schemes must be placed in a trust. In order to assess the continued suitability of the current trust structure for your scheme, please can you confirm the following:

To the best of your knowledge, have any of your employees covered under your life assurance scheme;

3. Long Term Absentees & Serious Illness

4. Benefit Termination Age

The date the benefits cease for an insured employee is confirmed under ‘Benefit Termination Date' on the summary of insured benefits included with this questionnaire

5. Persons to be insured

6. Membership Data

We require an up to date list of all persons to be covered under the scheme/s.  The details we require are listed below and these should be provided in an excel spreadsheet and returned to us via the Wingate Portal or if by e-mail as a password protected document. A template of the spreadsheet has been attached to the pre renewal e-mail.

Full employee name

Date of birth


Employment start date

Annual Salary  (reflecting definition of scheme salary on enclosed benefit summary)

Job title

Category of employment (Permanent, Probation, Fixed Term Contract, Zero Hours etc)  

Postcode where employee works

Details of any regular work related overseas travel (destination, duration and frequency)

Identify anyone who undertakes more than 20,000 annual business miles in their vehicle (excludes personal use and commuting to and from normal place of business)

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