How to combat a sedentary lifestyle in lockdown

21 Jan 2021

Lockdown is challenging in so many ways but it really has made me realise how important it is to keep active. We sit when we work, we sit when we drive a car, we sit when we get on public transport, we sit when we watch tv, the list goes on. I listened to a webinar recently where the speakers likened lack of movement to be the new smoking, which was really thought provoking and highlighted the importance of this topic. Whilst everyone is aware of how bad smoking is for our health, inactivity is also a big issue and not getting enough exercise can lead to a host of health problems both physically and mentally.

I know plenty of people are very active and I see social media posts about 10 mile runs at 5am (I wish I was that disciplined!!) There are however many of us who don’t move nearly enough, which has a huge impact on both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. The diagram below (taken from was uploaded in October 2019, so prior to the pandemic. However, it illustrates the benefits physical activity has on our health and the figures are powerful to say the least:

Source: Public Health England

Let’s face it, the modern world doesn’t encourage us to be mobile and it’s all about convenience (drive throughs, online food delivery etc). During lockdown, we need to be more creative about activity. Below are some suggestions on how to get yourself moving more:

Stand up

Since you are stuck in the four walls of home even for work, make sure you try and do it standing up. You burn on average of 50 calories more per hour by standing. If you stand for 3 hours per day, five days per week, it adds up to 750 calories burned. In a year that adds up to 30,000 calories, which is almost 9 pounds. This is the equivalent of around 10 marathons per year!!

Place your laptop on a high table and stand for a while as you do your work. Take a work conference call whilst walking around the house, and make sure you take regular breaks away from your screen. The more you stand the more activity your body gets.

Work out

Gyms may be closed but we have so there are so many other ways we can keep fit. Whether it’s walking, running, or trying out one of the many workout videos which are being posted online. Try and find a routine that suits you best and dedicate at least 20 to 30 minutes daily to exercise.

Set realistic goals

Don’t throw yourself straight into a 10 mile run if you haven’t been running in a couple of years, start smaller and then work your way up.


We can all do simple stretch and rotation movements in our homes or outside, to make sure we keep mobile. This, alongside being active, will help reduce the risk of back problems, shoulder pain, neck issues, headaches, not to mention our mental wellbeing.

Being more active during my working week is certainly one of my new year’s resolutions. This has never been more important, given the difficult times were are all currently going through.

If you would like to discuss this topic further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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