Welcome to your Retirement Income Review Questionnaire

Key to the success of your company pension and your retirement planning in general is understanding the potential retirement benefits your pension(s) could provide. Once you have a realistic projection of these benefits you will be in a position to decide what action (if any) you will need to take regarding future contributions to give you more chance of reaching your retirement income goals.

The more information you provide on this questionnaire the more realistic and useful your retirement income report will be. If you don't have a specific retirement income 'goal' then as a starting point please consider the minimum amount of income in today's terms you think you'll need in retirement and use that.

Welcome to your Investment Risk Profiling



An essential part of our advice process in relation to your company pension is an assessment of your attitude to investment and other risks. This enables us to recommend a suitable investment strategy or consider the suitability of any existing investment fund selection.

There are 12 questions which are designed to assess your thoughts when making financial investment decisions. There are no right or wrong answers and please answer every question, even if you feel it doesn’t really apply to you.


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