The Evolution of the Digital GP

08 Nov 2023

In the UK, accessing a General Practitioner (GP) has long been a challenging and time-consuming process. The National Health Service (NHS) has been a cornerstone of British healthcare for decades, but its struggle to meet the growing demand for primary care services has led to a crisis in GP accessibility. Long waiting times, difficulty securing appointments, and an overwhelmed system have left many patients frustrated.

There are several key issues contributing to the GP accessibility crisis:

Long Wait Times

Booking an appointment with a GP can take weeks, with non-urgent cases facing even longer delays. By the time the appointment arrives, the patient’s condition may have worsened, leading to complications that could have been avoided with more timely care.

Limited Availability

GP practices often have limited office hours and may not be able to accommodate patients who work during the day. This restricts the availability of care to those who can afford to take time off work or who have flexible schedules.

Geographic Barriers

Rural and underserved areas struggle with inadequate GP coverage. Patients in these regions often face longer travel times to access care, further exacerbating healthcare inequalities.

Administrative Hassles

Patients often have to make multiple phone calls, sometimes at specific times of the day, to secure an appointment. This process can be frustrating and time-consuming, particularly for those with busy lives.

However, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of Digital GPs, a technology-driven solution that promises to revolutionise healthcare accessibility in the UK. The emergence of Digital GPs which are often provided as a complementary service with health and group risk policies are poised to transform how we access healthcare in the UK. These digital platforms offer a range of services that address the issues plaguing traditional GP practices, making healthcare more accessible for all:

24/7 Accessibility

Digital GPs are available around the clock, allowing patients to seek medical advice and treatment when they need it most, even during evenings, weekends, and holidays. This extended accessibility is a game-changer for those with hectic schedules or who need urgent care.

Reduced Wait Times

Digital GPs offer near-instant access to medical professionals. Patients can connect with a healthcare provider via video call or chat within minutes, eliminating the need to wait weeks for an appointment. This timely care can prevent health issues from escalating. Clearly there are certain things that a user may wish to discuss via a video call.

Geographic Flexibility

Digital GPs transcend geographic boundaries. Patients no longer need to worry about the distance to the nearest clinic; they can access a digital GP from the comfort of their own home, even in rural or underserved areas.

Streamlined Experience

The administrative hassles of scheduling appointments are significantly reduced with digital GPs. Patients can book appointments, access medical records, and receive prescriptions electronically, all from a user-friendly app or website.

Reducing the Burden on Traditional GPs

By addressing routine and non-urgent cases, digital GPs can free up traditional GP services to focus on more complex and specialised medical issues, reducing the overall burden on the healthcare system.

The difficulty of accessing a GP in the UK has long been a challenge that the nation’s healthcare system has grappled with. However, the introduction of Digital GPs offers a promising solution to these issues. The convenience, accessibility, and timeliness of digital healthcare services have the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered and received in the UK.

By addressing the challenges and working together to build a seamless, integrated healthcare ecosystem, we can bridge the accessibility gap and improve healthcare for all. Digital GPs are not a replacement for traditional GPs but a complementary service that can alleviate the burden on the NHS and provide efficient and accessible primary care to patients.

If you would like to explore the implementation of a Digital GP service for your Workforce or to receive a fee free review of your existing benefits to see if this is something you already have, please contact the team at Wingate Benefit Solutions on 01883 332260 or at

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