Group Income Protection – April 2013

02 Apr 2013

No business can afford to be without an employee who is unable to work for a significant time due to illness or injury.

As a caring employer, if an employee were injured or diagnosed with a serious illness then we’re sure that you would want to provide as much financial support as possible, whilst also protecting your interests by giving them the best opportunity to return to work.

The cost of this support could become unviable and an increasingly popular option is to arrange insurance cover for this risk which means you are able to provide the financial support but at a known and cost effective level. This insurance cover is known as Group Income Protection.

Group Income Protection

This benefit is designed to help employers manage long-term sickness absence effectively.

Should a claim need to be made, standard cover on most polices generally includes access to medically trained rehabilitation specialists who can identify and help workplace recovery. The involvement of occupational health professionals is seen as the most effective approach for managing long-term absence*.

Claims experience from Canada Life confirms that 20% of claims submitted to them are ‘Musculo-skeletal’ related claims and that 31% of claims are ‘Psychological’ **.

Most insurers offer early intervention services which will enable a member of staff with stress related issues or say a back problem to access specialist advice and support at an early stage.  This benefits both the employer and employee.

What next?

As a business, have you ever considered how you would be affected by the long term absence of an employee?  If not, please contact us without obligation or cost to find out what options and opportunities are available to you and your business.

*Taken form respondents to the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) Absence Management Survey 2011.

**Taken from Canada Life’s Claims Management System August 2011.

Our Service

  • Wingate will discuss your circumstances and objectives and identify your specific needs.
  • Based on this research we will provide you with a report confirming the options available and our recommendations without cost or obligation.
  • If you wish to consider changes to your benefits, we will provide advice on your options

Wingate Benefits Solutions is here to assist you with all aspects of your Employee Benefits offering. Should you wish to discuss this or any other such matter please contact your Wingate Benefit Solutions adviser on 0844 406 0027. 

Tax and legislation are liable to change. This information is based on Wingate Benefits Solutions’ current understanding of UK law and HM Revenue & Customs practice and legislation. No guarantees are given regarding the effectiveness of any arrangements entered into on the basis of the information contained herewith. It is recommended that professional advice is sought prior to entering into any financial arrangement.

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